1. Use of the Website

The user undertakes to make diligent use of the Website, as well as the information related to the products and/or services contained therein, fully subject to both the applicable regulations and these “General Conditions of Access and Use ”.

Likewise, the user undertakes not to carry out any act in order to damage, disable and/or overload the Site or to prevent, in any way, its normal use and/or operation.

The user is informed that, in the event that they breach the “General Conditions of Access and Use” or any other terms or conditions included in the Website, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI reserves the right to limit their access, adopting any technical measure. that is necessary for this purpose.

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI makes its best efforts to keep the Website in good working order, avoiding errors and, where appropriate, repairing them, and keeping the contents of the Website duly updated. However, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI does not guarantee the availability and continuity of access to the Website nor the absence of errors in its contents, nor that the latter are timely updated.

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI reserves the right to make, at any time and without the need for prior notice, modifications, deletions and/or updates to the information contained on the Website, its configuration or presentation.

2. Payment

If you have paid by credit card or debit card for multiple items and an item or items are out of stock and the estimated delivery date is not acceptable for one of the items, the value of the item will be credited to the card where payment was made.

Any attempt to fraudulently use any form of payment will be immediately reported to the corresponding authorities in the corresponding country. We will assist the investigating parties in any way possible, including by providing information to the authority.

3. Shipping

Shipments within Spain will be sent within 4 days from the time of order. This provided that your chosen payment method has released the necessary funds at the time of the order. If an order is placed outside our business hours, the delivery time will start from the next business day. That is, if an order is placed on Saturday, the order will be shipped from the following Monday if the items are available.

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI will not be responsible if the address provided by the client for the delivery of the purchased items is incorrect, the client being the one who must pay the cost of another new shipment to the correct address.

-Shipping damage
If you find that the products appear to have been damaged during shipping, you must notify us in writing within 5 days of delivery. Claims for shipping damage will not be accepted after 5 days of delivery of the merchandise.
This notification can be made by email, postal mail sent to our address or by fax. You must quote your order reference number on all correspondence, you must also include your name, home address, delivery address for the products if different from your home address, contact details and a description of the damage of the requested items.

Once we have received this confirmation, we will agree on a date and time convenient for both parties for the collection of the merchandise. Once the products have been delivered to us, we will carry out an inspection. Upon confirmation of your claim, we will either refund your payment or arrange to ship a replacement item.

4. Return of items

Purchased items can be returned within 7 business days from the delivery date.

Road transport or form necessary to do so

5. Liability

Both access to the Website and the use that may be made of any information it contains are carried out under the sole responsibility of the user.

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI, is not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the access or use of the information contained in the Website and, especially, from that information related to third parties. Including, but not limited to, products in computer systems or those caused by the introduction of viruses and/or computer attacks, and will not be responsible for any damages that users may suffer due to improper use of the Website and nor for falls , interruptions, absence and/or defect in communications.

Specifically, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI expressly states that all the information related to the specifications of its products that, where appropriate, is contained on the Website, does not replace the contracting conditions of BARCEL

ONA HOLIDAY BICI, to which the user must refer for the acquisition and correct use of the same; Therefore, the user is reminded of the need to proceed to carefully read all the documentation that is accompanied with the products purchased.

Likewise, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI states that the information provided to the user as a result of specific inquiries regarding the products offered on the Website is merely indicative, and therefore does not assume any responsibility derived from any damages and/or losses that may arise. , directly or indirectly, of the use by the user of said information provided.

Additionally, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI is not responsible for any damages to the user’s software or hardware derived from access to the Website.

The user will be liable for damages of any nature that may be suffered as a result of breaching any of the obligations to which he is subjected by virtue of the General Conditions of Access and Use or the applicable legislation in relation to the use of the Site. Web.

For all warranty claims, the customer is responsible for returning the products to us. We recommend using an insured and signed delivery service.

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI will not be responsible if the address provided by the client for the delivery of the purchased items is incorrect, the client being the one who must pay the cost of another new shipment to the correct address.

6. Social networks

Users who adhere to any of the profiles opened by BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI on social networks must respect and comply with the terms and conditions of the social network in question.

It will be possible to access the public information of the users of the social network, send individual messages when the social network allows it, although they will not be incorporated into any file, unless otherwise indicated.

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI will carry out the following actions:

Access to public user profile information
At the request of the user, publication in his profile of information that, previously, has already been published by BHDB
Send individual messages through social network channels, when allowed
Page status updates to be displayed on the user’s profile

BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI reserves the right to carry out contests, promotions and/or raffles through its accounts on social networks and in which users who are adhered to their profiles may participate.

7. Use of website or link

Those third parties who intend to include in a website (“Linking Site”) a link that directs to the Website, or a frame with it, must necessarily obtain the prior, express and written consent of BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI.

In no case does the authorization granted by BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI mean that it endorses, promotes, guarantees, supervises and/or recommends the content of the Linking Site services or that it is responsible for its content.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the terms referred to above, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI will proceed, immediately, to revoke the consent granted to the Linking Site, which must delete the link.

Consequently, BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI is not responsible for the content, conditions of use, privacy policies and other conditions of the Linked Sites, the user being solely responsible for checking and accepting them each time they access and use them.

8. Contact

For any information or incident, we are available during business hours by phone or through our email

Phone: 003493326481