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The client is hiring bicycles from BARCELONA HOLIDAY BICI and is subject to all the terms and conditions of this contract:


The customer is responsible for taking care of and returning the bicycle and accessories (padlocks, keys, basket, helmet, child seat...).

Bicycles and accessories must be returned in the same conditions as those in which they were hired. The customer must respond to any damages caused to the bicycle and/or accessories once they are received by clients.
The client is obliged to padlocking and tying up the bicycle (pass the bike lock trough the frame, seat, wheels and tie it up to a post fixed to the ground or a bike parking rack). It is recommended to keep your bike with you and within sight when possible.
In the case of theft or loss of the material, the client must pay for it to Barcelona Holiday Bici, according to market price. If the bicycle is not returned, the amount to be paid will vary depending on the model: 220 € for the black city bike, 270 € for the mountain bike and 350 € for the orange city bike.


Payment method: By credit card or in cash when receiving the bicycle and for the amount of time specified in the rental contract.

It will be necessary to make a deposit of 80 € (in cash or by credit card) or to leave the original of an identity document (identity card, driving license, passport) for the duration of the rental.
The deposit is made in anticipation of possible damages, or as a precaution in case the bicycle and the accessories that have been rented are not returned. It will be given back to the client after the bicycle is returned in the same condition in which it was hired.
The payment and the deposit will be made entirely and in advance at the time of rental.
4) The bicycle must be returned on the day and time specified in the contract. The delay in returning the bicycle will imply the payment of the corresponding rate. Money will not be refunded if the bicycle is returned before the time agreed.


Helmets will be provided free of charge.
Hiring a child seat won't imply an additional charge when hiring at least two bicycles.
Our clients will have the possibility of leaving their belongings in our luggage room free of charge for the duration of the rental.


Barcelona Holiday Bici will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, or damages caused to oneself and/or to others or their properties, or for the loss of objects during the rental.
It will be the client's responsibility to take the appropriate security measures to avoid the bicycle theft or loss. In case of theft, loss, etc, the client will have to pay for the lost or stolen object.
Clients undertake to park the bicycle in suitable areas watched by them which do not block the way or cause potential insecurity situations.
The person signing the rental contract must be over 18 and will be responsible for the hired equipment.
It is the client's responsibility to obey the Spanish traffic rules and regulations.
This contract is ruled by the Spanish law.

The client declares to have read and accepted the previous conditions.